Marie-Luise-Kromer-Haus Marie-Luise-Kromer-Haus Marie-Luise-Kromer-Haus

1. Client
EnBW Badenwerk AG

2. Project data
Scope of work: Stage of performance 1-9
Buildingcosts: 2,6 million EUR
Period of time: 1997-1998
Representative: Mr. Liebersbach
Tel. +49 (0)721/6312297

3. Description of work
The summer residence of the family Kromer at the Titisee, built around the turn of the century, was relinquished to the Badenwerk AG on condition that the building is used as a recreation home for children of the employees. The interior corresponded to youth hostel level at the time of the decision for rebuilding.

The planning of the building, which was under monumental protection, had to regard three different utilisations:
1. Recreation home for children of the employees during school holidays
2. Congress hotel for in-house utilisation
3. Tenancy of the complete main building and the gardener house to a third party without entertainment (self-catering kitchen)

Each of the ten guestrooms in the main building and the five rooms in the gardener house received a bathroom with a shower. One room is planned hadicapped accessible. Neches are a speciality in the children group guestrooms for the mounting of bunk beds. If not needed, they can be seperated by mobile partition elements from the actual guest rooms.

The very high grade constructed ground floor was renovated very cautiously in close collaboration with the monumental protection civil service. The interior of the refectory and seminar rooms in the ground level with light and modern furniture forms contrast to the wood carved cupboards of the turn of the century.

The only new building in this ensemble is the staircase, needed for a second fire escape, that connects the refectory at the ground floor with the halls at the upper floors in the south-west side of the main structure. This structure is very sensitive as a steel/glass construction and is adjusted in terms of colour to the new facades. The top floor was enlagred as a room for different uses with a small kitchen. In the basement, a sauna and a rest room were built.